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About Swank Farms 

Since 1928 the land that Swank Farms is situated on has been in owner Mr. Swank’s family's possession. From humble beginnings to becoming a principal part of many central coast families’ lives from their tables to their entrainment. Swank Farms has provided generations of local families with fresh produce and Autumn entertainment with their corn mazes and pumpkin patches. 


Now in 2021, after a year so full of turbulence for so many, Swank Farms is expanding into the wedding business and opening its doors as a premier wedding venue in Central California. With a newly built; truly elegant barn, Swank Farms is excited to bring that same joy so many families are familiar with to one of the biggest days in so many couples' lives. To champion the shining light that Love provides to so many.


The 2021 Wedding season will be around the corner before we even know it, please feel free to inquire on availability, we are so excited to be part of your dream wedding, with a dozen vendor partners in waiting we are eager to make your perfect wedding a reality.

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